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Haven and Hearth
ArtemisDate: Sunday, 2013-01-20, 8:15 PM | Message # 1
True Spartan
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Haven and Hearth is an awesome open-world survival rpg. And when I say survival, I MEAN IT. Death is permanent (sorta, you can still remake and grab back some of what you've lost). It's a pretty neat game that I feel doesn't get enough attention. So I'm bribing my players to play it!

Most interaction is done through clicks. Right click to interact. When you start, you'll be in a little dungeon with 3 people in it. The one to your left provides you with a body, the one with a flag provides you with a name (you will need both to start the game). In the lower right, there's a little chest. Everything in that chest can belong to you if you go over to it, interact (right click) with it, and then take the items. The little wedge at the bottom of your screen has 5 buttons, the first of which is your inventory. Put the clothes in your inventory. The second wedge is your body. Equip said clothes.

At this point, you can choose to wander off into the wilderness orrrrrr talk to the person in the upper left hand corner. If you interact with her, put in the hearth secret "ferrets", you will spawn in my camp, providing you with the resources to survive.

You need learning points to learn skills. When you start the game, you'll want to walk around and interact with anything you haven't interacted with before (such as trees) and pick leaves, samaras, acorns, etc. You can see which skills you can learn by clicking the middle wedge, and at the bottom of the panel that pops up you will see four little rectangles. The third shows you the skills you can learn. My advice: Learn hunting/foraging first. Then decide if you want to fish or work with wood. In the end, you can easily learn all skills (It'll take a while, but it's possible).

What does this all lead up to? Well, if we all group up, we can earn a quasi-permanent place on the map, which is pretty darn awesome. Also, the more people in an area, the lower the level of the enemies that spawn nearby. I want fox leather :ninja:

One thing I do have to warn you about, you will have to download the 1.4kb client.

My name in the game is Mageinta Warrior. Do not freak out if Jack the Ripper is following you (I wear a pumpkin head and bunny slippers and I always carry a saw). If you invite more friends to the game (and they can verify that it was you that sent them) I will offer additional boosts.

Note: There is a small 1.4kb download.

A hero is not one who never falls, but one who gets up, again and again, NEVER losing sight of one's dream!

ArtemisDate: Tuesday, 2013-01-22, 6:55 PM | Message # 2
True Spartan
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The Artemis Guide to Haven and Hearth

Haven and Hearth is an open-world survival RPG. The "survival" aspect is very literal. If you die, you die for good. However, as you'll see, should you die, you can still reclaim some of what was lost.


Left Click: Select Command, Move
Shift + Left Click: Quick Move (for building and taking things out of chests)
Right Click: Open interactions menu

The entirety of the game is click based. That said, there are a few hotkeys that are set and some you can bind. The most important hotkey is A -> E -> H. This will teleport you home if you're ever lost. It cannot save you from combat though. But it's a very useful thing to know

The HUD:
In the upper left hand corner, you'll see a picture of you with somet stuff by it. These stuffs are very important

Red Bar: This is your health bar. You technically have 3 health bars, but losing one is a pretty big deal. Keep your health above zero. You'll want to avoid combat for a while, until you're strong.
Blue Bar: This is your stamina bar. Stamina is used to do work (like ploughing) or running. Keep stamina relatively high in the wild because you never know when you'll need to RUN LIKE KENYANS.
Green Bar: This is your hunger bar. As time goes on, you get hungry. You'll need to eat. Luckily, there's a TON of food in camp (I keep most of it in the cabin to the south). Be careful not to overeat. When you overeat, you can only crawl, and crawling is painfully slow.
Bar below Red Bar with a smiley face by it: This is your happiness bar. It effectively does nothing.

Beside your happiness bar, you should see some images of men running. These are your running speeds.
Speed 1: Crawl. Painfully slow
Speed 2: Walk. It's okay
Speed 3: Run. Love running (uses stamina)
Speed 4: Sprint. OMG SO FAST (uses lots of stamina)

You should've used the equipment and inventory wedges by now, so I'll skip those. Move on to the middle wedge with the face. When you click it, you should see base attributes and skill levels. You don't really need to mess with these just yet. Attributes increase by wearing certain clothes and eating. Don't overeat just to get stats. Skills can be leveled up and affect the quality of the work you do. Quality isn't that important when you start out either, so you can leave these alone. Click the little image of the book and candle

This is your study grid. Its 4x4. After you're done making discoveries, this will be how you gain learning points to spend on skills. If you can study something, it will be possible to drag it onto the grid.  Click the third box now

This is your list of current and available skills. For beginners, the important skills are foraging, hunting, and will to power. Foraging lets you find stuff on the ground, hunting lets you attack animals, and will to power actually lets you FIGHT the animals. There is a difference between attacking and fighting. Attacking is just initiating combat, fighting is doing damage. That said, you won't want to fight animals for a while.

The last tab shows you your personal beliefs. If you move the last slider all the way towards change, you gain 300% learning points! It's quite the beast!

Now let's get you some learning points. Go find a tree, and right click it. Select a command, be it take branch or take bark, or anything like that. After you get the item, you will have gained learning points! This is called making a discovery. You can only gain learning points through discoveries once. So spend your points wisely after making discoveries. A good skill to get would be farming. This gives you access to tons of seeds and plants to be "discovered" for learning points. That's about everything you need to know! Now you're ready to start exploring. If you ever get lost, press A -> E -> H to return to camp. You're always welcome in my home, so long as you keep the peace.

A hero is not one who never falls, but one who gets up, again and again, NEVER losing sight of one's dream!

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