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Creating Music
ArtemisDate: Thursday, 2012-05-24, 10:47 AM | Message # 1
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There are several programs on the internet that allow you to create music. I'll go through a few of em. Here is the format

1. Title - Product Name (Click to go to website)
2. Cost - Product Price
3. Download - Downloadable Trial at the very least
4. Exports Files - Whether or not you can play what you make

Cost - $119 - $300 (Expensive)
Downloadable - Yes
Export - Yes

Sibelius is the program I first used to create music. I used it on school computers, and while it is excellent, it's expensive. It comes with the ability to create multiple parts, print by part, create a score with as many instruments as you need... It's top of the line stuff. It has a bunch of stuff it brags about, but personally, I'd avoid it (VERY EXPENSIVE) especially when you're doing this as a hobby.

Cost - Free
Downloadable - Yes
Export - Yes

Famitracker is an 8-bit midi file creating thingie. I've tried working with it, but it's hard to get the hang of (I didn't try very hard yet) but I imagine that when you get the hang of it, it'll be no sweat. My sources say it's the most commonly used 8-bit program so... go figure

Cost - Free (Pay for more features)
Downloadable - No
Export - Yes

Noteflight is a website that lets you do a limited version of what Sibelius lets you do. You can export files to move from computer to computer or you can export midis. It's kinda nifty. I personally don't use this because it has VERY limited instrumentation if you don't subscribe to their featuers.

Cost - Free
Downloadable - Yes
Export - Yes

Musescore is the program I use. It's incredibly similar to Sibelius but it's free! It has very intuitive input, and it's pretty easy to use. You might have to look up how to do some things online, but it doesn't take long (the website search function is very good). Personally I really like this product.

NoteWorthy Composer
Cost - $50
Downloadable - Yes
Export -Yes

I used to use Noteworthy. It's pretty good, it's like Musescore, but you still have to pay for it to get the full thing. If you print your score, it'll have a bunch of "trial version" things on it (for you stingy people like me) and it's not very impression when you show it off =P But it's also very intuitive, not hard to handle, but since it's not free, I'd avoid it.

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